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Stoker's original title for Dracula was The Un-Dead.

Stoker suffered from serious illness as a child, confined to bed and unable to stand upright until the age of seven. He made up for this slow start by becoming a champion athlete in high school and college. But Stoker credited his later success as an imaginative writer to these long periods of inactivity, during which he read and let his mind wander.

Bram Stoker and the younger author Oscar Wilde were both from middle-class Dublin families. Both young writers moved to London in the 1870s, both courted the same woman (Stoker married her in 1878), and both sought employment with the then-famous actor Henry Irving (Stoker got the job).

The character of Count Dracula was loosely based on the real-life Transylvanian nobleman, Vlad Dracul, who lived from 1431-1476. Vlad was nicknamed "the Impaler" after his favorite method of dispatching his victims. Like the fictional Dracula, Vlad lived in an isolated mountain castle, had a reputation for cruelty, and led several campaigns against the invading Turkish army. He was not, as far as anyone knows, a vampire.

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