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Chapter 7

A newspaper clipping pasted into Mina's journal describes the violent storm, which strikes the Whitby coast on August 8th. Through raging winds and giant waves, which keep all other ships well off the coast, a single schooner approaches the port. The ship miraculously reaches port unharmed, and a corpse is found with its hands tied to the mast. As soon as the boat lands, a huge dog jumps from the ship and runs away. The ship is searched: the dead man, who has a crucifix fastened to him, turns out to be the captain, and the ship is a Russian ship called the Demeter. The ship's cargo consists of many wooden boxes of earth; these are addressed to a local lawyer, who comes and picks them up. The ship's log is found. It recounts the growing fears of the crew that something evil was aboard the ship. Men began disappearing one by one, and the first mate seemed to get progressively crazier, claiming to see a strange man or thing on board. The mate threw himself into the water to escape the unknown creature and the captain tied himself to the wheel with a crucifix to ward off the evil.

Here Mina's journal resumes for a few entries. The night of the storm, Lucy again sleepwalks, but Mina takes her back to bed. Two days after the storm, there is a public funeral for the Demeter's captain, which Lucy and Mina attend. The same day, old Mr. Swales is found dead, his neck broken and an expression of terror on his face.

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