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Chapter 21

Seward arrives in Renfield's cell and finds his patient lying, horribly injured, in a pool of blood. The attendant points out that Renfield's back is broken, which seems inconsistent with the madman's head injuries: there is no way that both injuries could be self-inflicted, but no one else was in the room. Van Helsing arrives quickly, and the two doctors examine Renfield. They find a skull fracture which is pressing on the motor area of Renfield's brain, causing a hemorrhage and paralyzing him. Arthur and Quincey arrive and watch tensely as Van Helsing works. The doctor waits until the exact location of the hemorrhage is clear, then drills a hole in Renfield's skull and removes the blood clot. Renfield awakes, and tells them how he came to be injured.

A few nights before, after Seward refused to release Renfield, the patient was visited by Dracula, who appeared in a mist outside the asylum. At first Renfield resisted the Count, but eventually gave in and invited the vampire to enter his cell. Renfield warns them that Dracula has been visiting Mina Harker. Earlier that night, when Dracula visited Renfield, Renfield tried to resist him, and was thrown violently to the ground, crushing his head.

Seward, Van Helsing, Arthur, and Quincey run quickly to Seward's house, where the Harkers are sleeping. Bursting into Mina's room, they see Jonathan Harker asleep in a trance, while Dracula holds Mina in his grip. The Count is forcing Mina to lick the blood from a wound in his chest. When he sees the intruders, Dracula springs at them, but is driven back by crucifixes and sacred wafer; he turns into a mist and seeps through the window. The four men wake the Harkers, who are horrified to discover what has happened. Searching the house, they discover that Dracula has wrecked Seward's office, destroying all the records of his movements. They receive word that Renfield is dead.

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