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Chapter 19 and 20

From the asylum, the five men proceed to Carfax Abbey. Van Helsing arms each man with a crucifix and a wreath of garlic flowers to repel vampires, a knife and revolver for other enemies, an electric lamp, and a small bit of sacred wafer. With Harker, who knows the abbey's floor plan from his former role as Dracula's agent, leading the way, the party enters the ancient building. Dust is piled everywhere, and a horrible rotten smell rises from the abbey's basement; Harker recognizes it from his time at Castle Dracula. They nervously proceed to the basement, where they find twenty-nine of the fifty caskets of earth which Dracula sent from his homeland. As they are examining the caskets, thousands of rats begin pouring into the room. Holmwood throws open a door and blows a silver whistle he has brought with him. A few minutes later, barking is heard and three terrier dogs appear and begin attacking the rats. The dogs quickly turn the tide against the rats, which disappear back into the walls. As dawn breaks, the men return to Seward's house.

While the men are at the abbey, Mina Harker waits at the house, restless and concerned for the safety of her friends. She has difficulty sleeping, and has strange dreams of a creeping mist and red eyes. The next night she asks Seward for an opiate to help her sleep.

Chapter 20

Jonathan Harker tracks down Joseph Smollet, one of the workmen who delivered the boxes of earth to Carfax Abbey. Harker learns that some of the boxes have been taken to two addresses on opposite sides of London; the Count is trying to establish resting places for himself all over the city. Smollet tips Harker that a man named Bloxam may know other places to which the Count has had boxes delivered. Harker locates Bloxam, who tells him that he helped an old man (Harker deduces that this is Dracula) load boxes of earth into a house in Picadilly, a neighborhood of London. From Bloxam's description of the old man's strength, Harker concludes that Dracula can move the boxes without assistance. The Count's range is therefore larger than Harker anticipated. Harker visits the house in Picadilly and asks the real estate agent for information on the buyer. The agent is initially reluctant to tell, but after finding out that Harker is a friend of Lord Godalming (Arthur Holmwood), agrees to send a letter with this information. Harker returns the group's headquarters at Seward's house. He notices that Mina seems pale and tired, and thinks it was wise for the men to keep her out of their adventures. The men decide to wait for word from the real estate agent before they act. Meanwhile, Dr. Seward has spent two days observing Renfield. After much questioning, Seward concludes that Renfield has some kind of contact with Dracula, and that the Count has promised him power over human lives. The agent's letter arrives, indicating that the property was sold to a foreign nobleman named Count de Ville. The men formulate a plan: to locate all of the Count's boxes of earth, then sterilize them between sunrise and sunset. The Count will be left with no refuge. As Seward records this plan, he is interrupted by an asylum attendant who tells him that Renfield has been found covered in blood.

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