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Chapter 27

Mina and Van Helsing rush by coach toward Castle Dracula. They encounter many of the same superstitious reactions that Harker noticed on his journey. The peasants are particularly afraid of Mina, and slip extra garlic into her food. It is November, and bitterly cold. Van Helsing continues hypnotizing Mina twice a day, but it gets harder and harder until he is unable to do it at all. Mina becomes lethargic during daylight, and only fully wakes up after sunset. They get within sight of the castle and camp for the night. Fearing trouble, Van Helsing draws a circle around their camp with the holy wafer. This will keep Mina in and Dracula and his minions out. The three vampire women that Harker saw during his visit to the castle appear and try to seduce Mina out of the circle, but she resists. The vampires wait outside the circle through the night, disappearing with daylight. The horses all die in the terrible cold of the night. Meanwhile, Seward and Quincey have come within sight of Dracula's ship. They see a group of Szgany, the local gypsies, loading their wagon and heading away from the river. Back at the castle, Van Helsing takes advantage of the daylight to sterilize Dracula's coffin and destroy the three female vampires. As he cuts off their heads, the bodies crumble into dust. Tired and sickened by the work, he returns to Mina at the camp. They pack their gear and head, on foot, toward the river where their friends and the Count will be arriving.

As they approach the river at sunset, they see Harker, Seward, Quincey, and Arthur chasing the gypsies, who have Dracula's box loaded in their wagon. The four men, armed with rifles, order the Szgany to stop. Instead, the gypsies turn and draw their weapons. Harker and Quincey manage to fight through to the wagon, but Quincey is badly wounded. They pry open Dracula's coffin and, just before the sun sets and he regains his power, the two men plunge their long knives into him. Dracula dies and his body immediately turns to dust. Quincey's wound proves fatal, but Mina arrives just before he dies. The scar on her forehead has disappeared with Dracula's death, and Quincey dies content.

The novel concludes with a note from Harker added seven years after the events of the story. He reports that he and Mina have had a boy, which they named after Quincey. Arthur Godalming and Dr. Seward have married happily. Harker reflects that the only evidence of what happened to the group is the memories of the survivors.

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