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Chapter 8

A few nights after the funeral, Mina wakes to find Lucy gone from her bed. She searches the house without success, then runs outside, looking frantically along the cliffs for her friend. She finally sees Lucy, lying across the stone at the edge of the graveyard, with a dark figure crouching over her. As Mina approaches, she sees that the figure has red eyes and a white face, but the thing disappears as a cloud briefly covers the moon. Lucy is unconscious and shivering; Mina helps her friend to her feet and walks her back to the inn. When the women wake the next morning, Mina notices two small punctures in Lucy's neck, which Mina thinks she must have made when she pinned her cloak around Lucy in the night.

Mina and Lucy enjoy their days, chatting about their prospective husbands, but at nights Lucy's sleepwalking continues. Mina notices that her friend has become pale and tired, and she starts locking the door and keeping the key on a chain around her wrist. Once she sees Lucy standing at the window as a large bat flies around outside. A week after Lucy's sleepwalking along the cliffs, Mina notices that the puncture wounds on Lucy's throat have not healed and look worse than before.

On August 19th, Mina is very relieved to receive a letter with news of Jonathan Harker. He has been sick with fever in a hostel in Budapest for the last six weeks, and a nun at the hostel writes to Mina and tells her that he has had a serious shock, but will recover and return to England in a few weeks. The chapter concludes with an entry from Dr. Seward's journal, also from August 19th. His patient Renfield starts behaving unusually, then escapes the asylum and runs to Carfax Abbey next door. Renfield screams that he is there to do his master's bidding, then struggles frantically with the orderlies until he is subdued.

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