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Chapter 11

Lucy goes peacefully to sleep, reassured by the garlic flowers. Seward and Van Helsing arrive the next day and find, to their horror, that Mrs. Westenra removed the garlic flowers in the night because she thought the odor would bother Lucy. When the two doctors enter Lucy's room, they find her paler than ever. Another transfusion, now of Van Helsing's blood, is necessary to restore her. Four days pass; Lucy keeps the garlic with her and gradually regains her health.

A newspaper article describes the escape of a wolf from a local zoo. The journalist interviewed the zookeeper, who told him that a strange man with red eyes had been looking at the wolves, which were agitated by his presence, shortly before the escape. The wolf returned to the keeper's cottage the next day, its head cut and bleeding from broken glass.

Meanwhile, Dr. Seward has another incident with the madman Renfield. The patient bursts into Seward's room wielding a table knife. The two men struggle and Seward is cut on the wrist. Renfield immediately begins lapping up Seward's blood from the floor, saying over and over: "The blood is the life!" Seward receives a telegram from Van Helsing telling him he must be at Lucy's house that night without fail, but the telegram was delayed for almost a day, and Seward doesn't receive it till the next morning. He anxiously boards a train for London.

The chapter ends with Lucy's account of that night's events, hastily written on a piece of notepaper afterward. After going to bed, Lucy hears a persistent flapping sound at her window, followed by a dog's howl. Lucy's mother comes to check on her and gets into bed with Lucy. They hear the sound of glass breaking, and see a wolf's head poke through the window. Mrs. Westenra suddenly grabs the flowers from Lucy's neck and keels over, dead. A strange, swirling cloud of dust blows in through the window and Lucy feels dizzy and weak and loses consciousness. She wakes some time later, when the housemaids rush into the room and find Mrs. Westenra's body. Lucy sends them into the living room for wine to calm them. When they do not return, she goes after them and finds that the wine was drugged and they are all asleep

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