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Chapter 26

Van Helsing hypnotizes Mina on the train from Varna to Galatz. She hears sounds of voices and gunshots, confirming that Dracula is near land. Van Helsing points out that if Dracula does not get to shore by daybreak, he will be trapped until the next night. Mina becomes harder and harder to hypnotize as they approach Galatz, which shows that her connection to Dracula is weakening. Another session of hypnosis reveals that Dracula is now on land.

The group arrives in Galatz and splits up: Harker, Seward, and Van Helsing go to the port to get information on the Czarina Catherina, while Arthur and Quincey go to clear things with local government officials. At the port, Harker and the two doctors find Donelson, the captain of the Czarina Catherina. He tells them that the weather on the voyage was uncannily favorable. A strong wind blew at their backs the whole way. The superstitious crew wanted to throw Dracula's box overboard, but the captain successfully resisted them. He gives Harker and the others the name of the man who picked up the box. This man in turn passed on the box to a man named Skinsky, who they discover has just been found dead, his body torn apart as if by wild animals.

They return home to Mina, discouraged that they seem to have reached a dead end. Mina sits down with all the group's records and tries to figure out Dracula's plan. Proceeding with careful logic, she reasons that Dracula must be traveling by boat along the Sereth, a river which goes through the Borgo Pass near Castle Dracula. Mina shares her conclusions with the men, who excitedly congratulate her. Arthur and Dr. Seward decide to take a steamboat up the river and try to catch Dracula. Meanwhile, Quincey and Harker will follow on horseback, and Van Helsing and Mina are to go directly to Castle Dracula; everyone will be heavily armed. Harker is horrified at the thought of his wife going to Dracula's lair, but Van Helsing convinces him it's necessary. The party splits up, each pair beginning their journey. Arthur and Seward's boat is damaged crossing some rapids, which slows them down.

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