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Chapter 14 and 15

Chapter 14

Mina reads Jonathan's journal and, although uncertain of her husband's sanity when he wrote it, decides to transcribe the journal from shorthand. Van Helsing writes to Mina, telling her he attended Lucy during her illness and asking for a meeting. Mina agrees, and he comes the next day. Much to Mina's relief (though she worries about the Count's presence in London), Van Helsing confirms the truth of Jonathan's journal. Van Helsing returns the next day to meet with Harker, and the two men get along splendidly. Harker pledges to help Van Helsing if he means to thwart the Count's plans. As Van Helsing leaves, he sees something in the newspaper, which startles him badly.

Dr. Seward resumes his journal and describes Van Helsing's return to London. Van Helsing shows him the newspaper article which disturbed him-it is the clipping about the "bloofer lady." Van Helsing draws Seward's attention to the marks on the child's throat, asking Seward to guess what caused them. After much beating around the bush, Van Helsing startles Seward with the claim that the bites were caused by Lucy Westenra.

Chapter 15

Seward is indignant, and refuses to believe Van Helsing. To convince Seward, Van Helsing takes him to visit one of the victims of the "bloofer lady" in the hospital; they see marks on the child's neck which match those on Lucy's. That night, the two men go to the graveyard where Lucy is buried, enter the Westenra mausoleum, and open Lucy's coffin; the coffin is empty. Seward is shocked, but still doesn't believe that Lucy is causing the "bloofer lady" scare. As they are leaving the mausoleum, they see a white flash in the bushes and hear sounds of movement. They investigate, and find an unconscious child lying on the ground. The child has not yet been bitten, so Seward and Van Helsing carry the child to where a policeman will find it.

The next day, they return to the graveyard and reopen Lucy's tomb. This time her body is lying in its coffin, but Seward notices it has not decayed in the week since her burial and that Lucy's lips look red and full. Van Helsing pulls back her lip and shows that her canine teeth are longer than ever. Van Helsing explains his theory: Lucy was bitten by a vampire and became what he calls "un-dead." In order to save Lucy from this living death, Van Helsing says he must cut off her head, stuff the mouth with garlic, and drive a stake through her body. They decide to wait until Arthur Holmwood can join them, so that he will not blame them for desecrating Lucy's body.

Although Seward is mostly convinced by Van Helsing's theories, by the next day he doubts again. Van Helsing gathers together Seward, Holmwood, and Quincey Morris, and tells them his plan for dealing with Lucy. The men are all horrified, but finally agree to accompany him to the graveyard.

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