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Chapter 3

Harker, panicked at first by his imprisonment, calms himself and decides to watch the Count closely to learn his motives. He discovers that the Count has no servants and concludes that the coach driver must have been Dracula himself. That night, Dracula regales Harker with stories of his warlike ancestors' exploits, and claims Attila the Hun as one of his ancestors. The next evening, Dracula asks Harker some pointed questions about legal procedure in England, then insists that Harker write a letter to his employer stating that he will be staying in Transylvania for a month. Harker is alarmed by this request, but sees no choice but to obey. Dracula warns him not to fall asleep anywhere in the castle except his room. Later, as Harker is looking out his window, he is shocked to see the Count climb out of a window in the castle wall, then, incredibly, climb face down across the wall.

The next night Harker ignores the Count's warning and falls asleep in a distant room of the castle. When he wakes he sees three women standing over him and is filled with strange desire for them. The women discuss him for a moment, then one of them bends over and Harker feels her teeth at his throat. Suddenly the Count is there, furiously grabbing the woman and pulling her away. He yells at them that Harker is his, and that they will be able to "kiss" him after the Count is done with him. As he leaves, Dracula throws a sack to the women; from inside comes a muffled child's voice. The women disappear with the sack, fading into the walls as Harker loses consciousness.

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