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Chapter 17

Mina Harker travels to London and meets Dr. Seward for the first time. They share their sadness over Lucy's death and exchange their diaries. Seward reads Jonathan's diary from Transylvania and Mina's journal, while Mina listens to the doctor's phonograph diary. Mina decides to type Seward's diary out so that Van Helsing and the others will have access to the information in it. Jonathan Harker arrives from Whitby, where he interviewed the lawyer who handled the Count's paperwork, and the laborers who unloaded his ship. The cargo of the Demeter was fifty cases of dirt, all of which were delivered to Carfax Abbey in London.

In London, Harker meets Dr. Seward and joins Mina in trying to piece together all of the information from journals, diaries, documents, and newspaper clippings into a coherent picture of the Count's actions. Seward learns from their work that the Count's house in London is the old abbey adjacent to his insane asylum. He interviews Renfield, looking for clues to the Count's movements. Arthur Holmwood and Quincey Morris arrive at Dr. Seward's house and look through the Harkers' work. Later, while talking with Mina, Arthur breaks down in grief over Lucy's death. Mina comforts him, and she and the two men bond over their desire to avenge Lucy's death.

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