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Chapter 24 and 25

Harker waits at home with Mina while the others investigate the Count's departure. They determine that he must have left on the only ship headed for the Black Sea, the Czarina Catherine. An interview with some dockworkers reveals that a thin man with burning eyes had arrived the evening before. The man had a large box with him and argued with the ship's captain over when they would leave. A sudden fog prevented the ship from leaving until the tide had turned. Returning home, Van Helsing and the others conclude that the ship must have reached the ocean by that night. Van Helsing lectures the group on their mission, explaining that they must eliminate Dracula for the good of humanity.

Seward begins to worry that Mina's sensitivity to Dracula's perceptions might work in reverse as well: the Count might be able to discover their plans. Van Helsing reaches the same conclusion, and they decide they must go back to their earlier silence toward Mina. Mina has meanwhile told Harker that he must not tell her of their plans. The group assembles without Mina. They decide that they will head to Varna, the Black Sea port where the Czarina Catherine is headed. Van Helsing tells Harker that he must stay in England with Mina. The next morning, Mina decides that she must come with them after all; while under hypnosis she will be able to tell them about Dracula's whereabouts.

Chapter 25

Mina makes all the men promise that they will kill her if she turns into a vampire. She also asks Harker to read the Burial Service over her, symbolizing her readiness for death. The next day, they leave for Paris. There they board the Orient Express, the train that will take them to Varna, a journey of several days. Van Helsing hypnotizes Mina each day before sunrise and sunset, hoping to get clues to Dracula's whereabouts. Mina sees nothing and hears waves, which means Dracula's ship is still at sea.

Arthur has left orders to be sent a telegram if the Czarina Catherine is seen in any port. They wait in Varna for weeks before there is any sign of the ship. During this time, Seward and Van Helsing are observing Mina for signs that she is turning into a vampire. She seems to be growing distant and lethargic, which worries them. Finally, after two weeks of anxious waiting, they receive a telegram that the ship has been sighted at Galatz, a city on the Black Sea beyond Varna; Dracula has somehow passed them. As they are preparing to take a train to Galatz, Mina mentions that she suddenly feels free of the Count's influence. Van Helsing and Seward think this a bad sign, meaning that Dracula is so sure of himself that he doesn't need to bother controlling Mina.

Van Helsing and Mina discuss Dracula and decide that he is a criminal type, which means (according to 19th-century theories) that he has an underdeveloped mind. Mina reasons that Dracula the vampire will follow the same patterns as when he was a living person. Since the historical Count Dracula returned to his territory to regroup after a harsh defeat, the vampire Dracula will return to his castle after being stopped in London. With this insight in mind, the group decides to head off the Count in Transylvania.

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