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Chapter 22

In light of Dracula's attack on Mina, the men decide that she is no longer to be excluded from their planning. Mina is in despair after the encounter with Dracula, crying that she is "unclean" and threatening suicide. Van Helsing convinces her she must live, because if she dies while Dracula still lives, she will become a vampire. Van Helsing tells the others that they must attempt to locate and sterilize Dracula's lairs that day, while the Count is still ignorant of their ability to do this. Until sunset, Dracula will have to remain in human form. If all the boxes of earth are found by then, the hunters will be able to trap him in that form and destroy him.

Harker is eager to proceed at once, but Van Helsing urges patience, so that they will not attract suspicion as they break into Dracula's houses. The plan is to go first to Carfax and sterilize the boxes of earth there. Then they will proceed to the Count's Picadilly house and hire a locksmith to break in as if they were the legitimate owners. Harker, Seward, and Van Helsing will wait in Picadilly while Arthur and Quincey visit the Count's houses across the river in Walworth and Mile End. With all the Count's lairs destroyed, they will then regroup and hunt him down. They decide Mina will be safe by herself until sunset. Before they leave, Van Helsing tries to bless Mina with a crucifix to protect her. But when the cross touches her forehead, it burns her, leaving a bright red scar.

The first part of the plan is successful: they enter Carfax and sterilize each box of earth by dropping a piece of holy wafer into it and then sealing the lid. They head over to the house in Picadilly. Arthur and Quincey locate a locksmith, who picks the lock with no questions. The men enter the house, which reeks of the same evil smell as Carfax, and find the boxes in the basement. But only eight of the nine boxes they expect to find are there, which means that Dracula has hidden a box somewhere. They perform the same operation as they did on the boxes in Carfax. Searching the house, they find keys and title deeds to the Count's other two houses. Quincey and Arthur take these and go to destroy the remaining lairs.

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