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Chapter 2

Harker leaves the carriage and waits at the castle's huge door. After a long pause, the door opens and a tall old man welcomes him to the castle in strangely accented English. The man, who says he is Count Dracula, shows Harker to his rooms, where a fire and a large supper are waiting for him. Dracula doesn't join Harker's meal, and while Harker eats, he notices some strange features of his host: Dracula has very sharp teeth, extremely pale skin, and hair growing on his palms. As dawn nears, Harker heads off to bed.

The next morning, he finds a note from the Count, saying that he will be occupied until later that afternoon. Harker explores his rooms, which are richly furnished and include a library full of books about England. Count Dracula arrives that evening and says he'd like to talk with Harker and practice his English. The two men talk for a long while, Dracula telling Harker he has the run of the castle, except for those rooms which are locked. They discuss the history and customs of Transylvania, and Dracula recounts a local superstition about buried treasure to explain the driver's behavior with the blue flames of the night before. Dracula asks Harker about the estate Harker's law firm has purchased for the Count in London. Harker describes the estate, which is called Carfax, as a huge, but ancient and run-down abbey, located in a secluded area with only a few houses (including a lunatic asylum) nearby. The Count seems pleased with this, and leaves Harker to sort through his papers.

While working, Harker comes across an atlas of England, with small circles drawn at the site of Carfax Abbey, and also at Exeter, where Harker's law firm is located, and at Whitby, a coastal town. After dinner, Dracula chats with Harker, keeping him up all night again; they retire to bed at dawn. Harker is shaving the next morning, when he is startled by Dracula's hand on his shoulder-the Count was not reflected in the mirror-and cuts himself. When Dracula sees the blood, his eyes burn with fury and he grabs at Harker's throat; when his hand brushes the crucifix, he becomes calm again. Dracula warns Harker that cutting himself is dangerous in this region, then angrily throws the mirror out the window. Harker does more exploring that day, and discovers that the castle sits at the edge of a thousand-foot cliff and that all the exterior doors are locked: he is a prisoner in the castle.

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