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Chapter 23

Seward, Harker, and Van Helsing wait impatiently at the Picadilly house for the other two to return. The two doctors are worried about Harker, whose hair has turned white from worry over Mina. Van Helsing explains his theory about Dracula: the Count, Van Helsing has learned, was a genius while alive, a brave general and learned intellectual. As a vampire, he still has these abilities, but has lost many of the memories of his earlier life. Van Helsing compares Dracula to a very intelligent child. He thinks the Count is experimenting, testing his powers by manipulating Renfield and by moving the boxes of earth.

While they are waiting, they receive a telegram from Mina, warning them that Dracula has been to Carfax and is probably heading towards them. Quincey and Arthur arrive, having sterilized the boxes at the other two houses. Shortly after, they hear a key turning in the door, and Dracula springs into the room. Harker lunges at him with a large knife, but the Count jumps back and only his cloak is torn. A stream of gold and bank-notes falls out. The others advance with crucifixes and holy wafer, and the Count is driven back until he jumps through a window. Landing safely on the ground far below, he shouts at the men that he will be revenged upon them and flees.

They decide to return home to Mina, sad that they have failed to eliminate all of the Count's hiding places. Mina begs them, especially Harker, to feel some pity for the Count as they hunt him. She explains that he, like her, is the victim of an evil power. The next day, Mina wakes Harker just before dawn and tells him to get Van Helsing. She wants the doctor to hypnotize her so she will be able to speak. When he does, she is able to report Dracula's sensations through some kind of psychic link. The Count is in his coffin, with water lapping nearby. They conclude that Dracula has had his last box put on board a ship and is waiting to leave London. They eat quickly and prepare to pursue the Count.

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