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Chapter 7

Paul D's days in 124 Bluestone Road are days of suspicion because he senses Beloved's sexual arousal in his presence. When Paul D asks Beloved about her family, she insists that she does not have anybody. When he asks her why she came to 124 Bluestone Road, she says that she was looking for this house in particular, that she had been told on the bridge that this was the house that she was supposed to seek. Sethe adds that the house had previously served as a way station so this was reasonable. Paul D notes that Beloved claims to have walked a long way, yet her shoes are not worn. Under the barrage of questions, Beloved screams and gives Paul D a cold look and in the ensuing chaos, Denver slides the interrogation off-topic. Paul D is upset not so much because of Beloved's mysterious past but because of her presence in the house. For the first time in his life, Paul D has an opportunity to start a new family and right when he chased the ghost away, this strange woman had found her way into the house to mess up his "plans." Sethe thinks that Beloved is good company for Denver, and she has no intention of evicting Beloved. After what the woman has suffered, perhaps it's time that she can eat and live without having to work for it.
In her later conversation with Paul D, Sethe admits that she feels let down by her husband, Halle. She agrees with Paul D, that Halle was a good man, but she reminds Paul D that Halle was not where he was supposed to be when it was time for them to escape Sweet Home. Sethe had no idea where Halle was - if he was left behind or if he had gone ahead. She had to get her children to safety by herself. Paul D has a strange look on his face and Sethe sees that he has just understood something that she has not. Paul D explains that Halle had planned to hide in the loft and then escape, which means that he saw the scene of her molestation at the hands of Schoolteacher's boys. Sethe is horrified and she knows that Halle will never come to see her again, especially after Paul D confesses that the last time he saw Halle was at Sweet Home. The man had snapped insane, sitting next to a churn with butter smeared across his face. Paul D wanted to say something to comfort him, but he had a bit in his mouth.

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