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Chapter 21 and 22

Chapter 21

Denver thinks of Beloved as her sister and she remembers the sounds that the baby ghost made when crawling around the house. Now Beloved has come to be with her sister Denver, and Denver knows that her sister has come to help her "wait for daddy." Denver is afraid of Sethe; she does not know what caused the Misery, so she has no way of knowing whether or not it will happen again. With Beloved there, Denver knows that she has to help keep her sister safe from Sethe. Denver remembers the dark place (the prison) where she was alone with Sethe and there were rats crawling in the cell, wanting to bite her. Denver remembers when she was younger and her brothers gave her "die witch!" stories to warn her of what to do if Sethe tried to kill her. Denver was afraid to go to sleep because it might happen then or maybe when Sethe is braiding her hair. Baby Suggs told Denver that her father Halle was an "angelman" who worked to buy her freedom. Baby Suggs also told Denver that she was charmed from before she was born and that the ghost wouldn't ever hurt her because she took the baby's blood along with her mother's milk.

Chapter 22

Beloved's thoughts are a blur of people and places, scattered across time. She remembers Sethe's basket of flowers at Sweet Home. All of a sudden, Beloved is crouching, one of many bodies stacked in the cargo hold of a slave ship. The man on her face is dead and she hears other people who are trying to die. The bread is sea-colored and when they get to shore, Beloved sees her mother ("the woman with my face"). Her mother is tossed in the pile of the dead and eventually slid into the sea. Then Beloved sees another woman with her dark face and an iron circle around her neck. It is Sethe, and when Beloved recognizes her face, she sees it as a "place" for her, a guarantee that they will never be separated again.

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