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Chapter 23 and 24

Chapter 23

Beloved thinks about the "men without skin" and she is worried that she will be taken again. Sethe finally asks her if she came "from the other side" and Beloved says yes. She answers yes again when Sethe asks her if she remembers her. Beloved is worried about the "men without skin" and Sethe promises that she will keep Beloved out of harm's way. Beloved asks Sethe about the earrings, a gift from Mrs. Garner - lost in prison. Sethe smiles, knowingly. Denver joins in, remembering how Beloved played with her at the creek and helped her survive her lonely times. She remembers the ghost who kept her alert to watch for Daddy's coming. The three of them share their memories and none is ever to leave the others again. United with milk and blood, they each say, "You are mine."

Chapter 24

The Church of the Holy Redeemer was a dry goods shop before servicing a black congregation, just outside of Cincinnati. Paul D is living in the basement of the church and is presently sitting on the front porch of the building, thinking about Schoolteacher's arrival. This had been soon after Mr. Garner's death, and Sixo said that Garner didn't have a stroke but that he had been shot. Paul D is drinking alcohol as he recalls the escape plan. Sixo made connections with a woman who was going to lead a group north, across the river. When the corn was high, she would give the signal and they would meet. Halle, Sethe and the four children were going to go and Sixo was bringing his sweetheart, the Thirty-Mile Woman. Paul A and Paul D said they needed time to think about it, but eventually they joined in. The signal came, but nothing went as planned. There was no sign from Sethe, and Halle was nowhere to be found. Thirty-Mile Woman got away, but Sixo and Paul D were caught and Paul A was assumed to be dead. Paul D didn't fight back but Sixo did and after trying to burn Sixo, Schoolteacher and his henchmen shot Sixo to keep him from laughing at them. Paul D wondered how Sethe could have pulled it all off - delivered three children, her newborn and her own pregnant self - when he couldn't even free himself.

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