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Chapter 14 and 15

Chapter 14

Beloved wants Paul D to leave the house because she does not want to compete for Sethe's attention. Denver explains that Sethe wants Paul D in the house and that if Beloved wants to make Sethe happy, she shouldn't try to get rid of Paul D because that will upset her. Beloved pouts after ordering Denver: "make him go away." She shoves her thumb in her mouth and pulls out a tooth. Denver stares at the silent woman and asks her if she is hurt. Beloved's fear is coming true; she knows it is only a matter of time before she begins flying apart into pieces. She is already having trouble keeping her head balanced on her neck. Her two fears are her dreams of exploding or being swallowed. She tells Denver that it does hurt, and when Denver asks her why she doesn't cry, she begins crying all of her pent-up, worried tears. As the snow is falling outside and Sethe and Paul D are coupling upstairs, Beloved gratefully hopes that Denver's arms around her shoulders will prevent her body from exploding.

Chapter 15

The story shifts to 1855 and Baby Suggs is elated when John and Ella arrive at her doorstep to deliver three children. Neither Sethe nor Halle have arrived, but there are two boys and a girl who is "crawling already." Baby Suggs realizes that the odds are slim; the others are probably lost, but if Halle ever came back she would celebrate. And days later, Sethe arrived - near dead, but with a fourth grandchild for Baby Suggs, so she was thinking that a joyous "whoop" was even closer, but there was still no sign of Halle and she did not want to hurt his luck by thanking God too soon.
Several weeks later, Stamp Paid started the celebration with two buckets of blackberries that Baby Suggs used to make pies. The pies accompanied the chickens, watermelon, perch, catfish.without realizing it, 124 Bluestone Road had turned into a feast for ninety people and even as the feast was enjoyed, the next day was a day of jealous anger and hurt pride. Why was Baby Suggs always the center of everything? The day after the feast made 28 days since Sethe arrived and while Baby Suggs was gardening, she could smell disapproval, but there was something else that was coming and she could not accurately foretell what it was. She could only see the image of high-topped shoes and she knew that meant trouble. Was it news of Halle's death? Baby Suggs had already been prepared for that, so she knew it was something else. She thinks about her son Halle, and then thinks about her first days of freedom in Ohio when Mr. Garner brought her to the Bodwin family, abolitionist friends of his who arranged her settlement on Bluestone Road, and got her shoe-mending work.

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