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Chapter 27 and 28

Chapter 27

Later on, Paul D visited 124 and he knew that Beloved was gone because he'd heard the stories from several sources. Ella remembered seeing the pregnant-looking black woman who either exploded or disappeared. Ella added that this didn't mean Beloved wasn't coming back even if the dog, Here Boy, had returned. Stamp Paid told Paul D that Sethe had seen Mr. Bodwin coming down the road and she tried to stab him because she thought he was Schoolteacher. Fortunately, Ella stopped her and Mr. Bodwin seemed to be more aware of the naked pregnant woman on the porch. Denver has steadily improved the condition of the place and she is getting thinner and steadier, looking more and more like her daddy, Halle. When she sees Paul D, Denver tells him that her teacher, Lady Jones, is experimenting on her to get her into Oberlin. Paul D asks Denver's permission to visit the house and Denver simply warns him to be careful about how he speaks to her mother. Paul D does eventually go to see Sethe who is happy that Denver is still with her. Sethe says that all she wants is to rest and when Paul D realizes that she is in Baby Suggs' bed, he is afraid that she is trying to give up and die. Sethe tries to stay angry with Paul D but his "blessedness" wins out and she begins sobbing "She left me," referring to Beloved. When Sethe tells Paul D that "she was my best thing," Paul D reminds Sethe that she still has her own future ahead of her. The conversation ends as Paul D strengthens Sethe, telling Sethe that she is her own "best thing."

Chapter 28
The conclusion of the novel warns that this was "not a story to pass on." Beloved continues her lonely roaming and the people that knew have deliberately forgotten her because remembering seems to be unwise. Any evidence of her existence, any rustling is not stared at or contemplated. They all consciously ignore the "traces" of the ghost/stranger and whenever they feel Beloved's windy "clamor for a kiss," they dismiss it as just the "weather."

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