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Chapter 2

Denver has left the house and is sitting sullen on the porch. Denver is upset by Paul D's entry especially because the ghost was the only company that she had. As Paul D follows Sethe upstairs to her bedroom, he thinks about his memories of Sweet Home when he envied Halle. Sethe was barely fourteen years old when she arrived. In the wake of Baby Suggs' departure, Sethe was the only slave woman on a plantation with six male slaves. She eventually chose Halle because Halle worked every Sunday for five years so that he could purchase the freedom of his mother, Baby Suggs.
In Sethe's bedroom, both Paul D and Sethe are too needy and too anxious; their sex is quick and unfulfilling. Paul D lays in the bed next to Sethe and thinks about the scene that had recently occurred in the kitchen when Sethe told him about the tree on her back - now it only looks like a clump of scars to him. Paul D's physical attraction to Sethe is ebbing but it will return. As Paul D remembers a fellow slave by the name of Sixo who kept them laughing with his crazy antics, Sethe remembers how she wanted to have a wedding after her decision to "marry" Halle. Mr. and Mrs. Garner OK'd the wedding but when Sethe approached Mrs. Garner and asked her about the details of the ceremony, her owner just smiled and laughed a little bit. Halle was very gentle with Sethe, and they consummated their marriage in the cornfield that was away from the cabins where the slave lived. Halle did this hoping to give Sethe privacy.
Both Sethe and Paul D remember that after Mr. Garner died, a relative by the name of Schoolteacher arrived at Sweet Home, accompanied by two young men.

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