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Chapter 4

Denver is not pleased with the arrival of Paul D and she asks him how long he intends to stay. Sethe scolds her daughter and after Denver runs off, storming in tears, Paul D asks Sethe if she also wants him to leave. Sethe does not think she should have to choose between him and Denver but if necessary she will defend Denver because Denver is the only child that she has left. Paul D asks Sethe to trust him in his effort to cheer her up. Paul D then announces that the carnival is in town and that Thursday was the day for "Colored Admissions." He has 2 dollars and he intends to spend every cent of it for the three of them to enjoy the carnival.
The next day, Paul D takes Sethe and Denver to the carnival and they all have a good time. They enjoyed watching the different freak shows that the carnival offers and Denver cannot help but notice that her neighbors actually speak to her - in no small part because of Paul D's sociable and friendly demeanor. Walking home from the carnival, Sethe sees the same thing that she noticed as they were walking towards the carnival. Their three shadows are holding hands and never let go. Sethe does not want to put too much stock in the shadows because she is still afraid to trust that there might be something good on the horizon. She is tempted: perhaps, she thinks to herself: now that Paul D has made himself a part of her life, perhaps now she might finally be able to have a life and "make plans."

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