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Chapter 6

Coincidentally, the arrival of the stranger is matched by the arrival of the rainy season. And just as the rain is everywhere, Beloved hovers over Sethe following her as often as possible. One day, Beloved asks Sethe where her diamonds are and Sethe is surprised by the question, replying that she does not have any diamonds. Beloved re-phrases her question, explaining that she is asking about a pair of earrings. Sethe remembers that she had a pair of crystal earrings a long time ago, but they were lost. Sethe feels that Beloved is a little greedy in her endless requests for stories and Sethe is surprised to find herself willing to accommodate the stranger. She recounts the story of how she wanted to have a wedding ceremony at Sweet Home and Mrs. Garner simply smiled. But Sethe was insistent on having a wedding and she found scraps of fabric to make her "bedding dress." Mrs. Garner saw Sethe's efforts and gave hair a pair of crystal earrings but it was not until Ohio that Baby Suggs pierced Sethe's ears.
When Beloved asks Sethe about her mother, Sethe recalls a plantation before Sweet Home and that her mother was branded with a circled cross and later, hanged. After Sethe left Beloved and Denver for the night, she realizes that there are other things buried in her past that she did not realize she had forgotten. This is what she calls her "rememory." She remembers a woman called Nan who took care of all of the slave children and pointed Sethe's mother out to her. Nan and Sethe's mother both came from Africa and spoke a different language that Sethe remembered being able to understand even though she can no longer remember any of it.

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