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Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Part three begins with the sentence: "124 was quiet." Beloved and Sethe are warring with each other, and Denver is left out, again. There is little food in the house and the three of them have been hungry since Sethe stopped working and devoted her full-time to playing with Beloved. Denver kept watching to protect Beloved from her mother but instead, it happened the other way around - Beloved was hurting Sethe. Beloved would complain that she was the only one left behind and when Sethe apologized, Beloved increased her complaints and demands. Sethe kept denying herself and didn't realize that Beloved was getting fatter everyday. Denver realized that she had to go for help, even though she hadn't left 124 but once in twelve years: to go to the carnival with Paul D and her mother.
Denver went to the only place she knew, which was Lady Jones' school. Lady Jones was still there and she immediately recognized Denver, though she was surprised when she realized that Denver was not deaf. Denver said that she was hungry and in need of work, though she had few skills. She explained the situation to Lady Jones who must have passed the word to others because the community left dishes with food for the three women in 124. Denver was always grateful, thanking the neighbors when she returned their dishes, and all of them remembered and loved Baby Suggs, holy and were glad to see that Denver favored her grandmother and not her mother. Denver realized that she could not continue to rely upon charity and so she finally went out to get work. Ironically, she found work at the Bodwin's house - the same people who helped her grandmother. A black woman named Janey Wagon was the maid, but she said she was getting older and couldn't work the day and night shift so they planned for Denver to work from late afternoon until early morning. Janey asked Denver about her mother and mentioned the third woman in the house. All she had to ask was whether the woman had lines in her hands. After that, she knew who the woman was. Janey spread the word and even some of Sethe's fiercest detractors couldn't help but feel outraged on her behalf.
Ella decided that Sethe needed to be rescued. Even though Sethe was wrong for what she did, nobody needed the troubles of the past coming back in the flesh, when there was already more than enough trouble in the present. The rescue consisted of thirty women who gathered outside 124. It was late one Friday afternoon, and Edward Bodwin came riding down Bluestone Road to collect Denver for work. The sight of Mr. Bodwin's hat and the collection of thirty women overwhelmed Sethe. She rushes towards Mr. Bodwin, thinking "No no. Nonono."

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