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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Paul D's thoughts are largely focused on his memories of Sweet Home - before and after the arrival of Schoolteacher. He remembers how Mr. Garner referred to the "Sweet Home men;" he allowed his slaves to think for themselves, he took their suggestions and he let Halle work to buy his mother's freedom. But now Paul D wonders if they were really ever men. If they were men because Mr. Garner named them so - did that count? Paul D thinks about Schoolteacher and his experiments with "education," and Paul D reckons that if Schoolteacher were right, then that would explain how Paul D wasn't man enough to keep from getting moved around the house by a young woman. Having sex with Beloved meant Paul D wasn't man enough to keep from getting moved around the house by a young woman. Having sex with Beloved made Paul D thankful for the union, but nauseous and ashamed. After walking and running, from Georgia to Delaware, he still wasn't free.
Paul D decides to go to Sawyer's Restaurant to greet Sethe there. He plans to tell her about the cold house and ask for her help in shrugging off Beloved's "fix." Instead, he ends up asking her to make a baby with him; his logic is that the child will bring them closer. Sethe laughs at the idea and as it starts snowing, Paul D begins to race to the house, eventually carrying Sethe, who is still laughing. Out of breath, they find Beloved walking towards them. She has come with a shawl for Sethe, ignoring Paul D altogether. Paul D is defeated as Sethe gives him the cold shoulder and tends to Beloved who has brought no shawl for herself. But later in the night, the snow is piling and Paul D prepares to go outside to sleep, Sethe stops him and solves his problems by saying: "No, you come upstairs, where you belong.and stay there."

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