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Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Stamp Paid is looking for Paul D and he finally finds him in front of the church. Stamp wants to apologize and he is upset that the people of the town have not shown Paul D very much hospitality. Paul D counters that the minister offered him a place in his home and it was his own choice to live in the cellar of the church. Stamp sees that Paul D is drunk and he is genuinely concerned for him. He has two things to tell Paul D. First, when Stamp was a slave, his name was Joshua and he was married to a woman named Vashti, and he truly loved her. But their master took her away from him most nights and it made Stamp and his wife miserable. Finally, Stamp Paid killed his wife to put her out of her misery. Stamp hopes to show Paul D that he shouldn't judge Sethe. The second thing he says is that he was there for the Misery. Paul D says that Sethe's actions cannot be justified, but Stamp Paid makes a strong argument that Sethe was only "trying to outhurt the hurter." Paul D suffers another spasm, like the ones that began in Alfred, Georgia. After pondering all of the "hurters," Paul D asks Stamp Paid: "Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?"

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