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Part Two, Chapter Six

Winston has an encounter with O'Brien which he takes as a special message. O'Brien tells him that he should look at a version of the tenth edition to improve his newspeak, and since Winston does not have access to one, O'Brien offers to give him an advance copy. This would involve coming to O'Brien's house to pick up the book, and O'Brien gives Winston his address. This is extremely significant to Winston, since he now knows O'Brien's address and he takes it as a sign that O'Brien is making the first move to get Winston involved in the rebellion against the Party. After all, O'Brien makes a reference to Syme ("a friend of yours [whose] name has slipped my memory for the moment"), who is now a nonperson and not supposed to be mentioned at all. Winston is excited at the possibilities, but he has a sinking feeling that he is walking into his own grave.

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