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Part Two, Chapter Seven

Winston has a nightmare where he remembers his childhood and awakes and tells Julia that he is responsible for killing her. His father had disappeared and his mother was quietly struggling with him and his baby sister. His sister had been sick, and his mother would silently nurse and comfort her. He remembers their small home, but more vividly, he remembers his incessant hunger. At every meal, he would be selfish and snatch as much food as possible, even at the sake of his family. If his mother was not guarding the pantry between meals, he would steal whenever he could.

One day, there was a chocolate ration and Winston demanded the entire piece allocated for his family. His mother tried to convince him to take only his share, but Winston does not hear her. When she gives the majority of the chocolate to him, he is still not satisfied, and instead snatches his sister's piece from her and runs away. He never sees his mother again, because after he returns home, she and his sister have disappeared. He recounts his dream again where his mother and sister are sinking as he can only watch above them, and knows that they died so that he could live. Julia does not really understand what Winston is saying, and she continues to sleep.

Winston thinks about the emotions that are no longer present in the Party environment, and he envies the proles for their ability to love and show love. He tells Julia that they are not human, only the proles are. But Julia reassures him that even if they are caught, the Party cannot change who they are inside. Winston hears this with a little more hope, believing so long as he continues to believe that he is human, he has beaten the Party.

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