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Part Two, Chapter One

One morning, Winston sees the dark-haired girl in the hallway, and he notices that her arm is injured, probably from an apparatus in the Fiction Department. As she nears him, she stumbles, and although Winston loathes her, he sympathizes and helps her to her feet. As she gets up, she passes a note to Winston, who begins to surmise about the good or bad contents of the message. He opens it and is stunned to see that it reads: "I love you." The sight of the words inspires him to stay alive and to avoid risks, and Winston now tries to get her alone in order to arrange a meeting, although this is a difficult task. Finally, at the canteen about a week later, he gets a chance to speak with her and they arrange to meet in the crowd at Victory Square.

That night, Winston makes his way to the Square and immerses himself in the crowd to avoid suspicion by speaking with her. She tells him to take Sunday afternoon off work and follow a detailed set of instructions to a secret meeting place. The crowd has gathered to watch foreigners being paraded and humiliated for them, and while Winston and the girl are in the midst of the mob, they sneak a chance to hold hands. He wants to look into her eyes, but he cannot, so he finds himself staring into the sad eyes of one of the prisoners.

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