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Part Three, Chapter Four

Many days have passed, perhaps even weeks, though Winston has no idea of time. He has been allowed to recover and he has grown healthier, not having been beaten any more. He is in a tiny cell where he is treated comfortably, provided with good food and even cigarettes. All this time, Winston has realized his folly in trying to overthrow the Party, not because it was a daunting and impossible task but because the Party is right and he is the one who is wrong. The Party has even been carefully watching him for the past seven years and know all the details and intimacies of his life.

There is a pencil in his cell, which Winston takes clumsily in his hands to write down "Two and two make five" and "God is Power." He has accepted everything the Party has forced on him. There is no past but what the Party says is the past. The enemy has always been what the Party has deemed the enemy. Winston even practices crimestop while he is alone in his cell, which is Newspeak for the process by which he deduces for himself why Party doctrine is the way that it is. For example, O'Brien says that gravity does not exist, that if he wants to float away from this spot, he can. Winston rationalizes that if O'Brien believes that he is floating away, and the observer believes that O'Brien is floating away, then O'Brien therefore is indeed floating away! However, one night he awakes, calling out for Julia, his love, Julia. He is ashamed for his moment of weakness, knowing that his punishment will be lengthened for his outburst. One day the Party will kill him, though Winston knows the day is not yet come. But still he holds fleetingly at the possibility that he can die without having been converted, saying "To die hating them, that was freedom."

O'Brien storms into his room, asking Winston what his feelings are for Big Brother. Winston replies that he hates Big Brother, and O'Brien tells him he is ready for the next stage of his re-integration. There, he will learn to love Big Brother. Winston is sent off to Room 101.

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