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Part Three, Chapter Five

Although the Ministry of Love has no windows, Winston feels that he has been taken to a room underground. He is in a larger cell, and O'Brien comes in and explains what Room 101 is - the worst thing in the world. Each person's Room 101 is different, since everyone has a different idea of what the worst thing in the world is, but for Winston, Room 101 is rats.

Upon hearing this, Winston is horrified and cries out for mercy and a different punishment. Winston pleads that he will do anything, anything, just to be relieved of meeting the rats. O'Brien explains that Winston has to go through the unendurable, and for him, that involves having his face trapped in a contraption where the rats can eat at him. Winston is erratic and searches for anything that he can do to escape this monstrous pain. The only solution is to escape his own body, even though it is tied rigidly to a chair. He screams for the punishment to be given to Julia instead, and he is wild with fear. He sees himself moving away from the rats, even though he knows that his body is still tied down. He feels as if he is far far away from the rats, even though he hears the click of the door being released and knows that the rats are making their way to his face.

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