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Part Three, Chapter Two

Winston finds himself on a bed, with O'Brien standing on one side of him and another man in a white coat standing on the other. He is beaten frequently: given time to recover in between but always in a constant state of pain. He is questioned incessantly by Party intellectuals, who always try to slip him up and catch him in self-contradictions. In his suffering, Winston finds himself confessing to everything, even things he does not commit. In fact, when he is rolled down a corridor, he erupts in a fit of confession and laughter, telling everyone about the history of his life and everyone he knows. As Winston lays in his bed, he hears O'Brien's voice whisper that he has been watching Winston for the past seven years. It is the same voice that told Winston that they would meet in the place where there is no darkness in Winston's dream. Winston does not know if there is any end to his interrogations.

O'Brien explains to Winston the torture device which is attached to him. Winston wonders why the Party is taking time to torture him, and O'Brien explains that Winston is worth the trouble. O'Brien brings up the photo which Winston had years ago which he thought could prove the falseness of the Party, but then explains that the photo does not exist, despite Winston's protests. O'Brien then holds up four fingers and tells Winston to admit that he sees five fingers, but Winston cannot. (O'Brien is referring to the line in Winston's diary where he says that so long as he believes two and two make four, he is still in control of himself and his humanity.) Each time Winston responds with four, he is shocked by the machine to the point where he is willing to tell O'Brien any number so long as the pain subsides. O'Brien explains that it is not enough for Winston to just say that there are five fingers, but that he has to truly believe that there are five there. The Party does not permit martyrdom, O'Brien explains, so no one can be killed believing in any bit of Party heresy. O'Brien tells Winston that he will be squeezed hollow while in the Ministry of Love, and then refilled with love for the Party. Winston asks several questions of O'Brien, who is elusive with his answers, though O'Brien tells Winston that Julia has betrayed him. Winston also wants to know what is in Room 101, but O'Brien only answers that Winston already knows what he will find there. Winston is given a shot which puts him to sleep.

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