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Part One, Chapter Four

At work in the Records Department, Winston unravels his next few assignments. They are written in Newspeak and all refer to altering historical documents to correspond to Party desires. Winston sets about rectifying any inconsistencies and falsifies evidence by narrating new versions of "history" into the speakwrite. Winston's duties are not at all atypical of the Party, which commits itself to ensuring the purity of all documents and media formats. Winston even justifies his actions by telling himself that he is just substituting one piece of nonsense with another and not committing forgery at all. For example, when he is assigned the task of re-writing an order written by Big Brother that now makes reference to "unpersons" (likely removed by the Thought Police), Winston launches into a grandiose creation of a fake character, Comrade Ogilvy. After he is finished, he sends the assignment papers through the pneumatic tube, which whisks away all evidence that any falsification might have occurred. Winston steals a glance at his co-worker in a nearby cubicle, likely to be doing the same assignment as Winston. Winston is struck by the irony that he could create fake dead men but not real living men.

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