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Part One, Chapter Three

Winston dreams about his family, who, through vague recollections, he understands have died so that he may remain alive. He is sad but he knows that tragedy and tragic feelings are remnants of the past and exist rarely today in the rigid Party society. He also dreams about an attractive dark-haired girl who works in the Fiction Department for the Party, but he is rudely awakened by an ear-splitting whistle from the telescreen. A woman appears on the screen and starts to rouse all Outer Party members in their daily exercise routine, the Physical Jerks. As Winston pains over the regimen, he thinks about the duplicity of the Party, who can control the past as well as the future, one of the central tenets of "doublethink." He knows that their current situation of war has not also been like it is, although the Party is quick to cover up any such allegations. Winston is then rebuked by the exercise leader through the telescreen, and he is ashamed at having shown emotion on his face which might have attracted her attention. He throws himself painfully into full concentration on the morning's exercise.

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