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Part Three, Chapter One

Winston wakes up, unsure of where he is, but guessing that he is probably in the Ministry of Love which is responsible for maintaining law and order in Oceania. He has a terrible hunger pain, and when he tries to search in his pockets for food, a voice from the telescreen warns him to stop. Before arriving here, he had been at an ordinary prison, where he had noticed the startling difference between regular criminals and political prisons. The Party prisoners were reserved and terrified, while the others were loud and energetic. He even meets a large prostitute who has the same last name as he does, and she surmises that she might even be his mother, which Winston cannot dispute.

Here in his new cell, Winston thinks often of O'Brien, and even though O'Brien had told him that the Brotherhood never saves its members, Winston holds a flickering hope that O'Brien will be able to smuggle a razor blade into him so that he may kill himself. Still, Winston is unsure if he even had the razor blade if he can even bring himself to commit suicide.

Winston's colleague from the Records Department, Ampleforth, is also tossed into his cell for the crime of using the word God in one of his translations of Kipling. Ampleforth is equally unaware of the time as Winston is, but before they can talk further, Ampleforth is removed and taken to Room 101.

Winston is consumed with thoughts of his hunger, the bread in his pocket, O'Brien, Julia, the razor blade; his thoughts are interrupted when Parsons enters. Parsons has been accused of thoughtcrime by his daughter, who tells the Patrols that her father mumbled "Down with Big Brother" in his sleep. Parsons is not mad at his daughter, only proud that he has raised a loyal Party member. He fully admits to being guilty of his crime, embarrassed that he has even committed it. Parsons leaves thereafter, as do many other prisoners who come and go from the cell. Winston observes that many are taken to Room 101, the mention of which usually causes terror and fear.

One prisoner is brought in who is obviously suffering from great starvation. Winston tries to offer him some bread, but the telescreen voice loudly stops him. Just then, an officer comes in to remove the starving man and take him to Room 101. Upon hearing this, the man erupts in fear and begs and pleads for any other punishment except Room 101. He is beaten until he submits and goes with the guards. Winston then sits alone with his thoughts, even asking himself if he would double his own pain if it means saving Julia. He believes the answer is yes, but he knows that it is not really true since he does not feel any anything and knows that the answer yes is what he ought to say. Just then, O'Brien enters and Winston thinks that he has been caught too, but he is extremely disheartened to discover that O'Brien is one of the Enemy. The guard who comes in with O'Brien hits Winston in the elbow, and Winston falls to the crowd, with all his thoughts surrounding the unbearable pain.

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