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Part Two, Chapter Four

Winston is in Mr. Charrington's upstairs room waiting for Julia, after agreeing to rent it for the love affair. Mr. Charrington respects Winston's reasons, even though he knows it is for a love affair, and tells Winston about the two different entries to the house. Winston is very agitated as he waits, thinking it sheer folly that he and Julia are actually being so explicit in their affair. Outside the house, he hears a woman singing as she does the laundry, and Winston recognizes the song as a versificator, a song-making Party machine which does not need human intervention. The songs are generated for the amusement of the proles, and Winston is astonished that the woman's voice is giving life to the dreadful song.

Winston and Julia have been unable to see each other as regularly as they would have liked, since they have become busier in preparation for Hate Week. Winston, by now, is entirely smitten with Julia and longs for her greatly. When he suggested Mr. Charrington's room, Julia is reluctant to agree but finally does. Winston is surprised at how readily he expects death, just as readily as "99 precedes 100."

Just then, Julia arrives with a bulging parcel, from which she removes real sugar, real coffee, real tea, and real bread and jam, and real milk - items given only to Inner Party members. Winston is astonished, but even more so when Julia surprises him by putting on make-up and perfume! Everything in the room is illegal, but Julia goes even further to say that she will procure stockings and a dress so that in that room, she will be a woman and not just a comrade. They throw their clothes off readily and make love.

When they awake, Julia notes a rat scurry across the room, which greatly startles and unnerves Winston. Julia recalls how rats have boomed all over London and some even attack children, and Winston is sickened. Julia notices his pale expression and soothes him, promising to cover up the hole and clean up the room. She also notices the piece of glass that Winston had initially bought earlier as well as the picture of St. Clement's Dane. Winston repeats the rhyme which Mr. Charrington had taught him, and to his surprise, Julia speaks the next few lines of the verse! Her grandfather had taught it to her and while she does not remember it clearly, she knows the last line goes ".here comes a chopper to chop off your head." Winston is amazed at the "two halves of the countersign" as if he and Julia are meant for each other. Winston looks at the lump of glass and takes it as a symbol of his relationship with Julia. They are the coral inside the glass, fixed in one moment in time.

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