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Part One, Chapter Six

Winston is writing in his diary again, recalling a sexual encounter he has with one of the "prole" prostitutes. The Proles are assumed to be the uneducated lower classes, adhering to but not a part of the Party, and although the Party forbids consorting with prostitutes, it is sometimes excusable if discovered, so long as it is joyless and with inferior women. Though he can see that she is an old woman, he has crude sex with her anyway. In between writing, he stops to think about his wife, Katharine, about whom he knows very little now. The Party did not permit divorce, only separation in cases where there are no children, so Winston believes that he is probably still married to Katharine, though they have been separated for over a decade. Their marriage had been one of joyless sex, to which Katherine submitted to only in the hopes of bearing children, as part of her "duty to the Party." (Party women were trained to deplore sex from their childhoods, where chastity was ingrained into them.)

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