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Chapters 4, 5, and 6

Chapter 4 - The Sea Chest

Jim and his mother, worried that Black Dog and the blind man might return, decide to make a run to the nearby town to get help, but the townspeople are too frightened to return to the inn with them. Mrs. Hawkins declares scornfully that she will go back to the Admiral Benbow to get the money the dead sailor owed them and the townspeople to provide her and Jim with a loaded pistol with which to defend themselves. Jim and his mother make it back safely to the inn, where they examine the paper with the black spot on it and learn that Billy Bones' enemies will come for him at ten o'clock, it being then six o'clock. They search the sailor's sea-chest and find, among other things, a bag of gold coins from all over the world and a bundle of papers wrapped in oilcloth. Mrs. Hawkins insists on counting out the exact amount she's owed; while she's counting, they hear the blind man's cane tapping on the road outside, followed by a whistled signal. Spooked by the arrival of Flint's crew, Jim and his mother flee the inn, but not before Jim grabs the oilcloth bundle. They run a short distance from the inn and manage to get under cover before Mrs. Hawkins faints.

Chapter 5 - The Last of the Blind Man

Jim watches fearfully as three men, led by the blind beggar, break down the door of the inn and rush inside. They discover that Billy Bones is dead and that someone has found his chest before them; Pew, as they call the blind man, asks if "Flint's fist" is there and they find that it is gone. Pew guesses that it's Jim and his mother who have beaten them there, and the men tear the inn apart looking for them. Unsuccessful, the thieves begin arguing among themselves, when they are interrupted by the sound of horses and gunshots outside. Pew's companions run, leaving him behind; as he tries to escape, he is trampled by the horses of the constable's party, who have come to help the Hawkinses. The constable asks Jim what the thieves were after. When Jim tells him it was not money but something else, the constable suggests that they take the oilcloth bundle to Dr. Livesey, and the party rides off to the doctor's house.

Chapter 6 - The Captain's Papers

Jim and the constable's men arrive at Dr. Livesey's but find he has gone to visit the squire, Mr. Trelawney. The party rides to Mr. Trelawney's house, where they recount the events at the inn. Jim hands over the oilcloth bundle, which they open and discover to contain an account-book and a hand-drawn map of a small island known as Skeleton Island. The detailed map is marked with instructions for finding buried treasure and is signed "J.F.". Dr. Livesey and Mr. Trelawney, believing the map to show the way to the lost treasure of the notorious pirate, Captain Flint, plan excitedly to outfit a ship and sail after the treasure; Jim Hawkins is to accompany them as cabin-boy. Dr. Livesey warns Mr. Trelawney, whom he suspects won't be able to keep the secret, to tell no one of their plans.

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