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Chapters 28, 29, and 30

Chapter 28 - In the Enemy's Camp

Jim looks around and sees six pirates in the house - and no sign of any prisoners, which he takes to mean that his friends have all been killed. Silver, however, informs him otherwise and tells Jim that Dr. Livesey and the others think that he's abandoned them; Silver offers to let Jim join his band. Jim demands to know what's happened to the others before he'll join, and Silver recounts what has happened: Dr. Livesey came to bargain with the pirates and, when they saw that the Hispaniola had disappeared from its anchorage, Silver and his men agreed to take a share of the remaining supplies while the others left the stockade. Jim proudly tells Silver and his men the central role he has played in repeatedly foiling the pirates' plans - that it was he who overheard them plotting mutiny, he who cut loose the Hispaniola, and he who killed the watchmen. Jim says that he's not afraid of dying, and that it's up to the pirates whether he lives or dies, but offers to testify in their behalf after they return to England. One of the pirates grabs a knife and goes after Jim, but Silver stops him. A split begins to grow between Silver and his men as Silver defends Jim, and the men call a "forecastle council" - a meeting without Silver - to discuss what to do. Left alone, Silver offers to defend Jim from the pirates if Jim will save him from hanging back home; the two strike a bargain. Silver then tells Jim that the doctor has given him the treasure map.

Chapter 29 - The Black Spot Again

The other pirates return from their meeting and give Long John Silver the black spot. Silver teases the pirate Dick for cutting a page from his bible on which to draw the spot, claiming that it's bad luck; Dick seems disturbed. Silver's men list their complaints against him: he has made a mess of the voyage, let the captain's party leave the stockade, refused to let the pirates shoot at the captain's party as they were leaving, and he's protected Jim Hawkins: all of which, they claim, has put them in danger of being caught and hanged. Silver answers each of the charges in turn, arguing that it was the fault of the crew, not him, that their plan failed, and, as a final word, he shows them the treasure map he got from the doctor. Silver wins the men over, and they re-elect him their captain.

Chapter 30 - On Parole

Jim and the pirates are awoken the next morning by a visit from Dr. Livesey, who is attending the wounded pirates as part of their bargain. The doctor diagnoses several of the pirates with malaria, and chastises Silver for setting up his camp in a marshy, fever-prone area. Visibly relieved to find Jim alive, Livesey asks to speak with him, who must give Silver his word that he won't try to escape. This arrangement provokes anger from the other pirates, who accuse Silver of playing a double game and seeking favor with the enemy. Silver shouts them down, then urges the doctor to remember the favor he's done them, and leaves Jim and Livesey alone. The doctor rebukes Jim for abandoning the others, which provokes Jim to tears. Livesey tries to persuade Jim to break his word to Silver and run away, but Jim refuses; he then tells Livesey about his adventures with the boat, and the location of the Hispaniola. Livesey calls Silver over and promises to testify on his behalf, which pleases Silver enormously. The doctor then warns him to keep Jim close to him and that there will be trouble when he finds the treasure. Dr. Livesey then leaves the pirate camp.

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