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Chapters 25, 26, and 27

Chapter 25 - I Strike the Jolly Roger

Jim finds the deck of the Hispaniola abandoned; with no one steering, the sails flap in the wind and the ship rocks crazily on the waves. Jim notes how much more the ship is affected by wind and waves than the little boat was. On the after-deck, at the back of the ship, he finds the two watchmen: Israel Hands - drunk, wounded, and unconscious - and another pirate, whose dead body rolls around the deck with the ship's motion. Jim goes into the cabin to fetch brandy for Hands and food and water for himself. He finds that the mutineers have ransacked the ship in search of liquor and the treasure map. Jim tells Hands he's taking over the ship and then cuts down the pirate flag. The two make an uneasy truce and agree to cooperate to bring the ship into harbor, since neither one can do the job alone.

Chapter 26 - Israel Hands

Jim and Israel Hands warily begin sailing the Hispaniola together. Hands sends Jim below to get him some wine; Jim, suspicious, thinks this a pretext to get him off the deck, so he finds a hiding place and spies on Hands. He sees the pirate hide a knife in his clothing, but Jim pretends to have seen nothing. Jim and Hands sail the Hispaniola around the island till they find a sandy spot to beach the ship. Concentrating on his work, Jim forgets to keep an eye on Hands and turns around to find the pirate charging him with knife drawn. Jim fires his pistol at Hands, but the powder is wet from Jim's adventure in the little boat, and the gun misfires. Jim scrambles up the ship's mast, where the wounded Hands is unable to follow. Jim seizes the opportunity to reload his pistols; Hands, seeing what Jim is doing, tries to climb after him, but is slowed by the wound and Jim is able to finish his work and hold Hands at gunpoint. But Jim lets down his guard for a moment and Hands throws his knife at Jim, pinning him to the mast; Jim is able to shoot Hands before he drops his pistols, and the pirate falls, dead, into the ocean.

Chapter 27 - "Pieces of Eight"

Jim frees himself from Hands' knife; he is bleeding and terrified, but not dangerously wounded. He throws the other dead pirate overboard, where his body floats beside Hands', and then cuts the ship's mainsail to keep the Hispaniola from being blown back out to sea. As night begins to fall, Jim jumps into the shallow water and wades to shore, eager to find his friends and boast about his conquest. He makes his way back to the stockade, where he notices a large fire burning and no watchmen outside, both untypical of the captain's party; he feels a little guilty for leaving the group shorthanded. As he sneaks inside the little house, thinking to surprise his friends, he stumbles over a sleeping figure and a parrot starts squawking: the house turns out to be full of Silver's men and Jim is taken prisoner.

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