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Chapters 10, 11, and 12

Chapter 10 - The Voyage

After spending all night preparing the ship, the crew of the Hispaniola set off on their voyage. Mr. Arrow turns out to be even worse than the captain feared: he's unable to command the crew, drinks heavily, and eventually disappears, believed to have fallen overboard. "Barbecue," as the crew nickname Long John Silver, becomes their leader, moving around the ship with ease despite his wooden leg, his parrot, named Cap'n Flint, always perched on his shoulder. Squire Trelawney spoils the crew, who are given extra rations and luxuries like tobacco at any excuse, and Captain Smollett grows more and more concerned about their loyalty. One night, after climbing into an apple barrel, Jim overhears the conversation in the following chapter.

Chapter 11 - What I Heard in the Apple Barrel

Long John Silver and a crewman named Dick are sitting near the apple barrel; Silver regales his companion with stories of his days as a "gentleman of fortune" (in other words, a pirate) serving under Captain Flint (the pirate, not the parrot). Silver tells how he lost his leg in the same battle that blinded Old Pew, and how Silver, unlike his fellow pirates, carefully saved the money he made, and urges his companion to do the same. Jim listens with growing indignation as Silver lists the virtues of the pirate's life and concludes that he's hearing Silver convincing an honest crewman to join his mutiny. Jim's suspicions are confirmed as Israel Hands, the ship's coxswain, joins the conversation. Hands and Silver discuss their plans, Hands urging immediate action while Silver argues for patience; he says they need the captain's expertise and the map to get them safely to the treasure. Silver carries the argument and, as the three conspirators drink a toast to their plot, land is sighted.

Chapter 12 - Council of War

The crew pours out on deck at the cry of "Land-ho!" and stare at their destination, Skeleton Island: it is a small island with three large hills in a row, called the fore-, main-, and mizzen-masts after a ship's masts (the middle, tallest, hill is also known as the "Spy-glass"). Captain Smollett asks the crew if any of them have seen the island before, and Silver says that he has and that it's a popular landing spot for pirates. Jim, very disturbed by what he's overheard, finally gets an opportunity to tell Livesey, Trelawney and the captain about the planned mutiny when they head belowdecks. After hearing about the conversation between Silver, Hands, and Dick, Trelawney concedes that Captain Smollett was right about the crew, and Smollett takes charge. They try to determine the loyalty of all the men on board and conclude that, including Jim, they have seven loyal men to nineteen mutineers.

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