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Chapters 13, 14, and 15

Chapter 13 - How I Began My Shore Adventure

The Hispaniola is brought to anchor off Skeleton Island and Jim volunteers to join a rowboat headed to scout the island. Long John Silver pilots the boat, showing a close knowledge of the route. The boats return that day, but morale is low: Jim is worried about Silver and his men and dislikes the look of the island; Dr. Livesey thinks the climate and terrain make it a likely place for disease; the crew, once the island's in sight, become sullen and ill-behaved; only Silver remains cheerful and energetic. Jim, Livesey, Trelawney and the captain hold a meeting in which they decide that the men will continue to behave as long as Silver thinks it is in his interest for them to do so; it is therefore necessary for the loyal men to keep their knowledge of the mutiny secret. The captain decides to send the men on shore, after arming the loyal ones, in order to defuse the situation. Jim decides on the spur of the moment to join one of the boats bound for the island. When the boat lands, Jim runs off into the bush, followed by Silver's shouts.

Chapter 14 - The First Blow

Jim explores the wilds of Skeleton Island, excited by the freedom and solitude. After wandering for a while, he hears voices and decides it must be some of the mutineers. Feeling a little guilty for enjoying himself while his friends are in danger, Jim decides to get to work and eavesdrop on their conversation. It is Long John Silver and another crewman, whom he addresses as Tom. From his words, Jim decides Tom is still loyal to the captain; suddenly, a scream rings out - it is another loyal crewman being slain by mutineers. Tom, shocked by the killing, tries to run but Silver knocks him down with a thrown crutch and then stabs him. Terrified, Jim flees into the woods, afraid that he will never return to the Hispaniola alive.

Chapter 15 - The Man of the Island

Jim is given a fresh shock when he realizes that someone or something is following him through the woods. Pushing images of cannibals from his mind, Jim plucks up his courage and confronts his pursuer. The shadowy figure turns out to be a marooned sailor named Ben Gunn, ragged and dazed but friendly. Ben tells Jim that he, along with Billy Bones and Silver, was one of Flint's crew on the Walrus when they landed on the island six years before; Flint took six men with him to bury the treasure, then killed them all. Three years later, Ben was aboard another ship that landed there looking for the treasure. Angry with him because they were unable to find the treasure, his shipmates stranded him on the island, where he has remained for three years. Jim promises Ben that Squire Trelawney will let him join his side of the battle; Ben mentions that he has built a boat, which he keeps by a white rock. Suddenly they hear a cannon-shot and gunfire; Jim concludes the pirates and loyal men have started fighting when he sees a Union Jack (the British flag) flying in the air above the woods.

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