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Scenes 5.4 and 5.5

Scene 5.4 - Another part of the field
The battle continues between the armies of Brutus and Antony. Cato the younger leads the charge on one side of the field. Brutus goes off to fight in another part of the field, leaving Lucillius and Cato behind. Lucillius shouts to the oncoming soldiers that he is Brutus. The soldiers kill Cato and demand that Brutus (actually Lucillius) yields. Lucillius says that he will never be taken alive and gives them money so that they kill him on the spot. The soldiers think that their reward from Antony will be greater if they keep him alive.
Antony enters, and the soldiers shout that they have captured Brutus. Antony, seeing only Lucillius, asks the soldiers where Brutus is. With the deception caught, Lucillius taunts Antony that he will never take Brutus alive. Antony, not at all frightened by Lucillius' claim, orders the soldiers to take good care of Lucillius and to continue the battle and the search for Brutus.

Scene 5.5 - Another part of the field
Brutus has gathered with several of his close friends. He asks them each in turn to kill him. The first two he whispers to. The third, Volumnius, he asks aloud. Brutus tells Volumnius that he has seen Caesar's ghost twice now, and it means to him that he will die. Brutus laments that there is no hope left for their side in this battle and that it would be more honorable to die by a friend's hand than an enemy's. Volumnius says that he can't kill Brutus because they are such good friends. The alarums indicating the approach of Antony's army get louder, and the three flee. Brutus remarks that he has led an honorable life, and he believes that his honor will be even greater for losing this battle. He finally asks his servant Strato to hold his sword while he runs into it.
Octavius and Antony enter with Messala and Lucillius as prisoners. Strato says that Brutus killed himself. Messala and Lucillius applaud the deed. Octavius and Antony respect Brutus as the only noble man in the conspiracy against Caesar, and they plan to give him a proper burial.

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