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Plot Summary

The people of Rome gather on the street to welcome Caesar, fresh from his recent victory over another Roman general Pompey the Great. Caesar plays to the crowd and goes off with them to celebrate his triumph. Brutus and Cassius, two important men in Rome, stay behind to discuss the consequences of Caesar's rise. Cassius tells Brutus that Caesar is becoming too powerful and that they need to do something about it. Before this meeting, Cassius had already convinced several other Romans to join in a conspiracy against Caesar, and Cassius hopes that he can add Brutus' good name to the conspiracy. Brutus is not convinced and he leaves, but Cassius is sure that he can trick Brutus to join the conspiracy by dropping fake letters pleading Brutus to save Rome from Caesar's tyranny. These fake letters work, and when the group of conspirators visits Brutus in the night, Brutus is resolved to join them and to kill Caesar. After the conspirators leave Brutus, his wife Portia comes out and asks Brutus what the matter is. Brutus is about to tell Portia about the plan, but another conspirator interrupts them and Brutus leaves before telling Portia.
Caesar prepares to go to the senate house because he believes that the senate mean to install as king. Despite warnings from his wife and fortune tellers to stay at home, Caesar marches confidently to the senate house. At the senate house floor, the conspirators all kneel in front of Caesar, which distracts him, and then they stab him to death. Everyone in the senate house flees, and Brutus futilely tries to calm them down. Caesar's best friend, Mark Antony, enters the senate house late and sees to his horror what has happened. Antony cries over Caesar's dead body and asks Brutus that he may speak at Caesar's funeral. Brutus allows it.
At Caesar's funeral, Brutus speaks first to convince the crowd that what the conspirators did was done for the good of Rome. The crowd agrees with Brutus until they hear the speech of Antony. Antony passionately argues that Caesar was not a tyrant and that he didn't deserve to die. Convinced by Antony's rousing speech, the crowd goes off to hunt down the conspirators to kill them all. The conspirators are driven out of Rome for fear of the angry mob, and they go to Greece to gather their armies to challenge Antony and Octavius, Caesar's grandnephew and chosen heir. Brutus and Cassius have difficulties raising armies because they don't have enough money, and they start to argue with each other. Despite their difficulties, they have succeeded in raising armies capable of challenging Antony and Octavius to battle. On the night before the battle, the ghost of Caesar visits Brutus, which is an omen that Brutus will lose. The next day, Brutus and Cassius meet with Antony and Octavius on the battlefield. Octavius decides to fight Brutus' army, and Antony fights Cassius. Cassius loses badly in the battle against Antony, and Cassius decides to kill himself before he is taken prisoner. Brutus defeats Octavius, leaving Brutus to battle Antony. In the ensuing battle, Antony defeats Brutus, who also decides to fall on his own sword before Antony takes him alive. Antony and Octavius see the dead body of Brutus, and they declare that Brutus was the only honorable member of the conspiracy.

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