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Scene 1.1

Scene 1.1 - A street in Rome
Two tribunes, loyal to the old regime of Pompey the Great and the Roman Republic, intend to drive some plebeians away from the street because they have gathered to celebrate the victory of Julius Caesar over Pompey. The first tribune, Flavius, confronts a plebeian demanding to see his job identification. The plebeian says he is a carpenter. Marullus, the second tribune, asks him why he's wearing formal attire rather than the clothes of his trade on a working day. Marullus then asks a second plebeian for his trade. The second plebeian boldly begins to joke with the city official. He is a shoe repairman by trade, and he uses puns to mock the tribune. He says that he will mend the tribune's bad sole (soul). Then he tells the tribunes that they are making today a work holiday to welcome Caesar as their new leader.
Marullus chastises the plebeians for favoring Caesar over Pompey. He argues that Caesar does not bring anything new to Rome, and he reminds the plebeians of the times when they threw parades for Pompey and cheered so loudly that they almost caused earthquakes. Flavius tells them to depart and find all their friends so that they can collectively weep into the Tiber River nearly to flood its banks for the loss of Pompey. The plebeians leave, and the tribunes go around removing Caesar's banners from the statues in the streets.

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