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Scene 1.3

Scene 1.3 - A street in Rome
Amidst thunder and lightning, Cicero encounters a frantic Casca and asks him why he looks so nerve-wracked. Casca, amazed that Cicero is unfazed, explains that he has seen some bad storms in his time, but never before has he seen it rain balls of fire - he concludes that the heavens are upset. Other strange sights include the following: a slave's hand caught fire but was unburned, a lion roamed the streets of the Capitol, men covered in fire walked the streets, and the night owl hooted at noon. Casca claims that these are signs that point toward something horrible, but Cicero doubts such reasoning - although he does agree that he shouldn't be walking around in this weather and so departs.
Cassius enters bare-chested (presumably having overheard Casca's conversation with Cicero) to recruit Casca for the conspiracy against Caesar. He brags that he bares his chest to the lightning because he is not afraid of heaven's wrath. Cassius insults Casca for not understanding why such strange events have been happening as of late. Cassius explains that the heavens are angry because one man is trying to take over the world. Casca knows that he is talking about Caesar because he heard that the senators plan to appoint Caesar as their king tomorrow. Cassius says that he is ready to commit suicide to free himself from Caesar's tyranny if he becomes king. Then Cassius points out to Casca that the only reason Caesar can become tyrant is because the men of Rome are too cowardly to protest, and Cassius challenges Casca of being one of these cowardly sheep. Casca vehemently denies the insult and says that he too is willing to do anything to prevent Caesar's tyranny.
Now that he has convinced Casca to join his conspiracy, Cassius unfolds the entire plan to Casca. Cassius tells him that he has convinced several noblemen of Rome to undertake a dangerous plot, and they will all meet shortly. Another conspirator, Cinna, interrupts them to tell Cassius that the other conspirators are waiting for him. Cinna dearly hopes Cassius could convince Brutus to join their party. Cassius tells him not to worry and gives him some letters he made up to bait Brutus. Cassius instructs Cinna to place those letters in strategic locations such that Brutus will stumble upon them. Cassius tells Casca to go with him to Brutus' house to convince him to join their party. Casca realizes that with Brutus leading the conspiracy, it will seem like justice rather than a crime.

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