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Scenes 5.1 and 5.2

Scene 5.1 - The plains of Philippi
Antony and Octavius await the arrival of the opposing armies of Brutus and Cassius. Octavius says that Antony was wrong in thinking that Brutus and Cassius would stay back. Antony assures Octavius that they only pretend to be brave by attacking. Antony orders Octavius to take the left side of the battlefield. Octavius says that he will take the right side.
Brutus and Cassius enter with their armies to challenge Octavius and Antony. Octavius and Antony mock the dishonesty of Brutus' words on the day he murdered Caesar. Cassius in turn insults Antony for sweet-talking the plebeians at Caesar's funeral to turn against the conspirators. Octavius says that they should let their swords do the talking. Antony and Octavius exit to prepare their armies for the battle.
As they are getting ready, Cassius says to Messala that he was born today and he fears that he will die today, too. Cassius never believed much in signs and omens, but now he believes that they have used up all their good luck on their way to Philippi and that they are doomed to die in this battle. Cassius asks Brutus what he will do if they lose the battle. Brutus says that under no circumstances will he kill himself. Cassius asks if Brutus will then surrender to be paraded around the streets of Rome as a captive. Brutus says that he will never let himself be taken and that he will fight to death if need be. They both hope that they will be able to see each other again alive.

Scene 5.2 - The battlefield
Brutus gives Messala the order to let Octavius and Antony know that they are ready to begin battle. Brutus, seeing some weakness in Octavius' army, thinks that this is the perfect time for his army to strike.

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