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Scene 5.3

Scene 5.3 - Another part of the field
Cassius' army is losing to Mark Antony's army. Titinius regrets that Brutus gave the order to start too soon for Cassius' army. Pindarus, Cassius' slave, enters to tell Cassius that Antony's army overruns his camp. Cassius tells Titinius to see if an approaching army is friend or foe. Cassius asks Pindarus to tell him what is happening because he has better eyes than Cassius. Pindarus fools him into thinking that Antony's army has captured Titinius. Cassius calls himself a coward for sending Titinius to his death and orders Pindarus to stab him, and he does. Pindarus is now a free man, and to avoid capture, he runs far away.
Titinius enters with Messala to share with Cassius to news that Brutus has defeated Octavius. Pindarus gave Cassius a false report that Titinius was surrounded killed by a group of Antony's soldiers; they were actually a group of soldiers from Brutus' army that gathered around Titinius to celebrate Brutus' victory over Octavius. When they find Cassius dead on the ground, Titinius declares that they have lost the battle, even in light of Brutus' victory, because Cassius is dead. Messala says that he will go tell Brutus of this news, which he fears might very will kill Brutus to hear.
Titinius, now alone with Cassius' body, asks in vain why Cassius misunderstood what happened when he met up with their friends. Titinius seeks to honor Cassius by stabbing himself with the same knife that killed Cassius. Brutus, Messala and others enter on the scene. Brutus blames their unfortunate deaths on the power of Caesar's ghost to force them to use their swords on themselves. Brutus expresses his sorrow and promises more, but he knows that for now he must move on because the battle is only half over.

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