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Chapter 3

At the beginning of this chapter we discover Janie has agreed to marry Logan Killicks. She still isn't quite sure what marriage is and has a lot of questions about her future. Finally she decides that when she marries Logan she will automatically love him, simply because that is how husbands and wives are supposed to feel about each other.

They get married in Nanny's parlor on a Saturday evening with lots of food. But once the party was over, Janie has to ride out alone with Logan to his house. The house has no distinguishing features and is in a very desolate place, but Janie still hopes that she'll suddenly love Logan. But after about two and a half months, nothing changes. She goes to see Nanny and tells her she has an important question to ask her. At first, Nanny thinks Janie is already pregnant, which she can't believe; Janie says her question isn't about that. Then Nanny thinks Logan might be mistreating her, which Janie also says isn't the case. Janie then asks her grandmother when she could expect to start loving Logan, since she has no feeling for him. Nanny is furious and thinks Janie has been wasting her time with this conversation. Logan has the only pipe organ in town, sixty acres of land that are fully paid for and a big house; what could Janie possibly have to complain about? Love, she says, only makes you sweat. It doesn't provide for you or keep you safe.

Janie replies that some people are just never meant to be loved, and Logan is one of them. She finds him really unattractive and can't get over that. Nanny scolds her again for being silly. But Janie continues with her complaints - he never washes his feet before he comes to bed and "never mentions nothin' pretty." Nanny tells her it's no use crying, repeats again that Janie would change her mind about her husband eventually and sends her back to Logan. But the rest of the day, Nanny is slightly distracted from her work, and when she finally goes to bed, she can't sleep. Finally, near morning, she mutters, "Lawd, you know mah heart. Ah done the best Ah could do. De rest is left to you." She falls heavily, and a month later she is dead.

Janie tries to like her life with Logan, but she knows something is missing from her marriage. She now knows marriage does not make love, and so now, truly, she is a woman.

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