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Chapter 10

One day Hezekiah asks off from work to go off with the ball team. Business is dull all day, until a tall stranger enters the store. He buys a pack of cigarettes and flirts with Janie; he asks her to play checkers, but she says she doesn't know how to play. So he offers to teach her. She begins to notice how attractive he is, and she has a wonderful time playing with him. The man tells her she'll be a good player soon, because she's smart and she'll pick up the game quickly. She finds out his name is Tea Cake. They joke around until people start to come back from the ball game; he hangs around until everyone else has left, saying he thought she needed help closing up. He also offers to walk her home; she feels like she's known him all her life. He tips his hat and walks off into the night.

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